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Jul 15, 2015

I don’t know who first came up with this concept, but I saw as part of list of way to get more done, on the LifeHacker website.
Later this month, I’m going to be flying to Ft. Worth Texas to give a quick presentation at Podcast Movement.
As much as I need to get my notes together and get myself prepped, I honestly was thinking “I can always do that on the plane.”  
It’s amazing.  When I think about what i have coming up over the next few weeks, the most focused time I can see is the time I’ll have while stuck in that tiny metal tube flying for 3-4 hours. 
But, why can’t I have that same experience without spending hundreds of dollars and being squished up against the big guy next to me and having the kid behind me yanking on my chair?
Sounds so great…  Haha
But I can. 
The Strangers Around You
When you’re inside that giant tube, you’re surrounded… even pressed up against all sorts of people.  Probably more people than you have in your office.
But you’re not being pestered like you are at work. 
People leave you alone…  you may get a hello, or an excuse me, but there’s no long conversation about how your weekend went… for the most part.
This is why it’s sometimes more productive to head over to a Starbucks or another public place with Wi-Fi.  
I recently had to get my iPhone camera fixed and since they said it would only take a couple of hours, I didn’t really have time to go home and then return.  So I went and got an iced tea and sat at the local Starbucks.  
A couple of hours of free wi-fi and great passion fruit iced tea and I had a couple of show outlines written.  It was great.
Just like in the plane, I was surrounded by people but I wasn’t wasting my productivity time talking with them about nothing of any real importance.  It was great.
This is a wonderful way to simulate that airplane isolation in a public place.
Disconnected From Down There
Of course, today, for a few dollars you can still have all the distractions you normally have, but not long ago, being on a plane meant no internet, no email, no phone calls even.  Nothing. 
As soon as that cabin door closes, you put your phone in “airplane mode” and pull out the in flight magazine.  
I’m more a SkyMall kind of guy.  But, even that, doesn’t leave much in the way of distractions.
Obviously, it’s incredibly easy to simulate this situation down here as well.  Just put that phone on Airplane mode and you will NOT be distracted.  
Turn off your wi-fi on your laptop too.
If you need help doing this, you can always install a tool called Anti-Social.
It doesn’t block the entire internet, just the sites that distract you the most.  Probably social media sites.  
Anti-Social was originally created for Mac but it’s available on Windows machines now too.  It’s $15 but it could mean a HUGE boost in income if you used it to be more productive. 
You could always just grab an old computer that doesn’t have a built in wifi card and use it only for writing.  You don’t need a lot of power to use a text editor.  It’s just there to get the words from your head to the screen in front of you.
The World Went On
The weird thing about flying is, when we land and turn on our phone, by and large, the world went on without us. 
You may have some “urgent” emails that came in but strangely, some of them have already been addressed before you had a chance to come in and “save the day."
Even when we’re not in the air, we need to remind ourselves.. people can and WILL survive without you.  Your adult kids will figure out how to get the tire fixed.  Your spouse will figure out how to find where you put the giant frying pan.  They can survive.  They’ll do ok.
If you dare put your phone into airplane mode, you’ll force this.  But you can also just let them know… “Listen, for the next 3 hours, pretend I’m on a plane and you can’t reach me.”  
That way, if there’s a REAL emergency, you’re available, but for 99% of the stuff going on, you’re not being interupted.


Go for an Airplane Day.