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Mental Mastery Mondays

Helping you win the war within so you can find success in business, relationships, well-being, and life.

Jun 18, 2015

Events don’t have meaning - We give the events meaning

The meaning of events exists only in our mind.  Outside of our mind, the events have no meaning at all. 

Our emotional response to events comes from the meaning we give them and the way we FEEL about that meaning.  So, given the fact that our emotions are based on...

Jun 17, 2015

Truth is, you’re incredibly unlikely to reach any goal you set if you don’t have the habits needed to make it happen. If it’s going to be grueling work the entire time, you’re increasing your chances for failure several times over.

Last Wednesday we talked about how we can lose our willpower and self-discipline...

Jun 16, 2015

If you're anything like me, you do your best work when you're facing a very real deadline with serious consequences or when you're part of group who you need to keep up with cause the entire group to fall behind.

In this episode, we look at ways we can capitalize on this for increasing our daily productivity.  Give...

Jun 15, 2015

Drug Addicts Didn’t Wake up and Think I”m going to get hooked on coke today.

It comes in tiny little incremental baby steps. 

One line with a friend because it’s going to be a great night out and you haven’t had that in a while.

That leads to two… 

Then to buying a bit of your own so you can share next...

Jun 13, 2015

It’s Friday and we’re going to look at a few tools you can use to keep track of your time each day.


If you go back and listen to Episode 131 this past Tuesday, we talked about how we can find lost time in our day. 


That’s what these apps are used for.  They’re kind of like the diet or fitness apps that keep...