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Mental Mastery Mondays

Helping you win the war within so you can find success in business, relationships, well-being, and life.

Jul 12, 2016

When you understand what causes a bird to know how to build a nest, without going to nest building school, you'll have a much deeper understanding of what your purpose is in life.

Your life purpose is inside of you waiting to come out, but our modern world is most likely suppressing it. You don't realize this until you take the time to really reflect on what is inside of you.

This episode will help you explore what your nest looks like, what your dam would resemble and how to let it flow out of you. Listen...


On August 1, 2016, I will be releasing a very special episode of this show. It is my first ever interview episode and we'll be exploring addiction and what we can all learn about it, even if we don't have our own addiction. 

You'll learn about discovering our shortfalls, facing the fear or change, and intentionally creating an environment which is conducive to our success.

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