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Mental Mastery Mondays

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Jul 16, 2015

If I had heard what I'm telling you in this episode, 20 years ago, I would be a millionaire several times over.  This is number one thing that's stopped me from reaching my goals in the past.  I'm so grateful I figured this out.  I can't stress to you enough, learn what's in this episode and it will change your life.
Fears Stop Us
I go over the fears that stop us in a one page report I put together on the 5 Fears which kill out ability to finish.  you can get it at or if you’re on your smart phone, send a TEXT to 33444 with the word 5Fears (all one word) in the body of the text. 
Fear of Failure.. that’s one is easy for people to accept but...
Fear of Success, I’ve found is just as, if not MORE, likely to stop people.  But how do you know if you have a fear of success? I go into that in the report I mentioned and a follow email I send just on that topic, but to give you an idea…. If we have a BURDENSOME view of what success looks like, we may fear it.
Fear of Mediocrity is a huge issue for me.  If I’m not done with a project, then in my mind, it’s not mediocre.. it can’t be, because I’m not done with it. Think about that.
That’s just 3 of the 5 fears.  It almost always comes down to fears which keep us busy but never finished.
Inertia - Don’t Stop Until It’s Done
This whole inertia thing you’ve heard about in science classes… it applied to your projects as well.
When you stop, you will have one hell of a time trying to get it started again. 
If you’ve ever run a race you know first hand, when you slow down and eventually stop, you have a HUGE amount of mental and physical inertia to overcome.  
Don’t stop… adjust your speed but never ever stop until you reach the finish line.
Take All You Want But Eat All You Take
When I was a kid, my dad always repeated the same thing, every meal.. He said he got it it from the Army (how could it be wrong..? haha):   “Take all You Want But Eat All You Take.” 
It’s actually a great mindset when it comes to our projects productivity.  I mean, it’s not limiting an any way… Take all you want.  Start as big a project as you desire.  Set your dreams as high as you want.   BUT...
Eat all you take.  Meaning… if you’re going to pile up your plate, you better make sure you can eat it all.  Finish what you started.  
Leftovers on our plate, were eaten the next day… cold.  Cold liver and onions are not that great… even if you like liver.  haha..  
I learned how to take a smaller bite… FINISH my plate of food and go in for another serving.  Take all you want, but eat all you take.  
Success Isn’t About What’s On Your Plate, It’s About What Isn’t.
Honestly, I find myself sometimes trying to impress people with what I’m doing… not what I’ve done, but what I’m doing… 
Seriously, that’s not easy for me to admit.  Sometimes I want people to think I’m doing something amazing… but I’m only doing it, I haven’t finished it. 
If you’re in a food eating contesting, it’s not about how many hot dogs are on the plate in front of you, it’s about how many aren’t when the time is up.
Finish Something Today
Figure out what you can FINISH today.  Maybe it’s a big task, a small project, or a major goal you set a while back.  FINISH IT.  
If there’s nothing within your sights, reset your definition of “FINISHED.” 
     In other words, grab a smaller plate and FINISH that plate